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Connection Metrics

Immediately After Installation, FriendFilter Begins Populating Your Friends List. Our User-Friendly Interface on the FriendFilter Dashboard Allows for Hassle-Free Filtering and Sorting of Both Active and Inactive Connections
Scanning friends
Tomas K.
What a great tool! I leverage Facebook heavily to promote my businesses. Many years ago I added many people who were not my ideal target audience. FriendFilter has made the process of detecting my desired connections easier with their simple reporting tools.

Dataset Metrics

Once Connection Metrics Are Compiled, FriendFilter's Robust Filtering Dashboard Takes Over To Prioritize the Data. Our Remarkable System Analyzes Over A Dozen Data Points, Offering Detailed Insights on Connections
Scanning engagements
Tiffany T.
FriendFilter is one of the essential tools I use in my business to help me analyze my influence on social media. This app is a game changer and time saver! If you're serious about using social media to build your influence, you need FriendFilter in your toolbox!


Treat Your Dashboard As A Metrics Analysis Control Center, Enabling You to Track Communication Metrics Across All Your Connections and Gauge Your Strategic Moves with Instant Feedback. If It's Measurable, It Can Be Improved, And That's Where FriendFilter Steps In
Jamie H.
I have been using FriendFilter almost since the beginning. It has helped me to make better decisions on how I post with instant metrics and feedback. I can attribute my improved marketing decisions thanks to FriendFilter.

Active Connections

After Metrics Are Populated on Your Dashboard, The Active List Offers Thorough Metrics About Your Connections, Enabling Your Sales Team to Identify Top Clients, A Potential Uncovered Only With FriendFilter
Active Friends
Klaas van O.
This app is exactly what I needed for my reporting, I love the white list functions to prioritize close connections, while I am analyzing my potential new client list.

Prioritized Connections

Use The Transparent Filters on The FriendFilter Dashboard to View Your Top Connections, Then Make Informed Decisions based on Real-Time Metrics Drawn From Our Exclusive Analytics Dashboard
Inactive Friends
Fabian B.
FriendFilter works exactly as described. I like the settings that I can change the filters to analyze my connections. Once you get past the initial setup process, maintaining your connections with people is so simple. This helps me to guide my clients on how to prioritize their connections and improve their marketing strategies.

The Whitelist

Select Your High-Priority Connections And Add Them To Your Whitelist. These Connections Will Undergo Metric-Based Sorting Via The Whitelist Filters, Even Without Data from These Connections
Whitelisted Friends
Jeff D
Outstanding tool for managing connections and the right connections to serve and drive sales forward. Even during the lockdowns, they continued to update and do whatever was needed to support customers instead of making excuses. Outstanding company and extension!!

Connections Archive

FriendFilter Keeps All Your Connections in Archives, Providing a Historical Record of Connection Maps, Content Responses and Connection Duration with Your Account. This Archived Data is a Valuable Toolkit
Archive of removed friends
Dave M.
Fantastic product, fantastic customer service!
Not being a major techie I had lots of questions and they answered them all, and well, and quickly. Well done, FriendFilter team!

Smart Search Functions

FriendFilter's Intelligent Search System Outperforms any Other Platform in Finding Connections Faster. Make Use of The Smart Search Feature For Quick Detection of Connections in Bulk For Essential Filtering
Search in all friends
Radford W.
This software is amazing! What used to take hours of research now takes minutes. Plus I learned so much about my marketing strategies from the metrics dashboards. FriendFilter is truly a one-of-a-kind solution. The interface is awesome, and simple to use. Highly recommended!


How does it work?
FriendFilter analyzes your page and reports on all metrics.
Is FriendFilter safe?
The FriendFilter extension runs on your computer, not on our servers. Be sure to follow the FriendFilter Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
Does FriendFilter have a free option?
Yes. You can try FriendFilter for 14 days completely free, no credit card required. If you love the service, you can choose our monthly pricing plan for $37 per month or $247 per year to continue using our service and have access to our priority customer support.
If I need assistance what do I do?
If you need FriendFilter technical support, click here and create a ticket. Our helpful customer success team will be able to assist you within 48 hours with any support issues.

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