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Install FriendFilter and in less than 5 minutes, have the proprietary machine learning Chrome application tracking your engagement to deliver insights on your FriendFilter web application dashboard.
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FriendFilter uses the latest 256-bit encryption technology along with hack-proof code designed by the leading experts in data protection, and is backed by 3 years of research and development.
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FriendFilter has had 73,000 installs to date from referrals, which proves how much our customers love using FriendFilter through sharing the app with their friends.

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Scanning friends

Once installed, FriendFilter will begin scanning your friends list with a single click. The app will find all your friends who are currently connected to your page. From your FriendFilter dashboard, you can easily filter and sort friends based upon family, friends and people you know whom you do not want to unfriend.
Scanning friends
Tomas Keenan
What a great tool! I leverage Facebook heavily to promote my businesses. May years ago I friended many people who were not my ideal target audience. FriendFilter has made the process of removing these non engaging Facebook friends very simple.


After the friend scan has completed, FriendFilter will begin looking for previous engagement with your posts. The app is looking for likes, comments and shares of your posts, then will save all that data in your FriendFilter dashboard for filtering and sorting engagement.
Scanning engagements
Tiffany Toombs
FriendFilter is one of the essential tools I use in my business to help me consistently build my influence on social media. This app is a game changer and time saver! If you're serious about using social media to build your influence, you need FriendFilter in your toolbox!


Think of your dashboard as your Facebook engagement control center. Track how friends engage, how new friends engage with posts and how frequently friends are engaging with your content. That what can be measured, can be improved; and FriendFilter gives you all the tools to increase your Facebook reach.
Jamie Hyde
I have been using FriendFilter almost since the beginning. It has helped me eliminate those that are connected with me on Facebook that do not engage. It is easy to use, and helps boost your engagement across those that do follow you.

Active Friends

Once the friend scan and engagement scan are completed, your active friends list will populate. This list is a running total of all engagement by your friends on your Facebook page. Use this data with your sales team to find your most engaged clients, and without FriendFilter, none of this data would be available.
Active Friends
Klaas van Oosterhout
This is huge a great tool to delete inactive friends, white list those that are important to you, even though they might not engage as often with you and build a friendlist of highly engaged possible clients. Love it.

Inactive Friends

Those friends who see your posts and are not engaging are dragging down your reach. After time, these friends have either gone inactive on Facebook or unfollowed your page or they are not seeing your content at all. Use FriendFilter to find these inactive friends so you can increase your reach by removing them from your list.
Inactive Friends
Fabian Brown
It works exactly as described. Review your settings and no need to be aggressive with your numbers. Once you get past the initial delation process, maintaining your fb friend list with people who you want to attract in your niche market is so simply. I help professionals curate their fb friend list to grab the attention of their intended audience.


Your close Friends and Family can be added to your whitelist. From the FriendFilter whitelist, they cannot be removed from your account. Be sure to add everyone you want to remain connected with, then you will have peace of mind that they cannot be accidentally removed with FriendFilter.
Whitelisted Friends
Jeff D
Outstanding tool for managing engagement and the right friends to keep and help drive forward. Even during the lockdowns, they continued to update and do whatever was needed to support customers instead of making excuses. Outstanding company and extension!!

Archive of
removed friends

FriendFilter saves all friends that have been removed too! This data is valuable as you can see the history of all friends you have been connected with historically, when they engaged with your content last and how long they were connected to your account.
Archive of removed friends
Dave Markowitz
Fantastic product, fantastic customer service!
Not being a major techie I had lots of questions and they answered them all, and well, and quickly. Once I got it running I deleted over 1600 facebook "friends" who I hadn't interacted with in 6 months or more with ease. Well done, FriendFilter team!

in all friends

The FriendFilter smart search system can help you to find friends faster than any other method. With the search features, you can quickly detect groups of friends and filter quickly, adding to the proper lists for cleaning.
Search in all friends
Radford White
This software is amazing! I used to take hours when I wanted to reduce my friends list, going through one "friend at a time". BUT I didnt know who was engaging more than others. FriendFilter helps you find true friends who like, post and share your posts. And its also as a result improved my reach. Hret software. The interface is good, and simple to use. Its a winner!


How does it work?
FriendFilter reads all the posts on your page and looks at likes, comments and shares.
Then report to your dashboard with who is engaging and how often. This creates a report on your top 10 most engaged followers.

The system will allow you to whitelist friends who you do not want to be removed. Then it will take the rest of the list and allow you to filter and add the non-engaged users to the TO BE REMOVED LIST.
Is FriendFilter safe?
The FriendFilter extension runs on your computer, not on our servers. Be sure to follow the FriendFilter Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We recommend using FriendFilter as instructed and at your own risk.
Does FriendFilter break Facebook compliance policies?
No it does not. Facebook compliance policies say that you own your content on Facebook, and FriendFilter is giving you a productivity application to manage and filter this content that you own.
If I need assistance what do I do?
If you need FriendFilter technical support, click here and create a ticket. Our helpful customer success team will be able to assist you within 48 hours with any support issues.

Increase Your Reach and Drive Engagement Starting Today. The #1 Facebook Engagement CRM

FriendFilter Identifies and Removes Inactive Friends Who are Not Engaging With Your Posts Quick and Easy. Simply install the plugin and follow the steps to scan your page! Know which friends are active and inactive!

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Laptop with FriendFilter application opened